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Poznań – A City of Great Diversity

Poznań is the bustling business and cultural center of the Wielkopolska Region. It is here in Wielkopolska that the Polish State was born more than 1000 years ago and this rich history is wonderfully preserved to the delight of the many visitors that come to Poznań every day.

One-day tour


  • Start your trip at the Main Square. Have a nutritious lunch and get ready for the traditional duel of the Town Hall goats. Spare a moment to admire the Town Hall itself. Can you see the allegories of the Seven Virtues?
  • Have a stroll till the Imperial Castle. Its Neo-Romanesque style will surely take your breath away. A great historical palace just in the middle of the city.
  • Walk a few step further till the Adam Mickiewicz Square and see how different phases of the history interweave just in one place. Allow a moment of reflection next to the Monument of the June 56’ Protest Victims, known as the Poznan Crosses (Krzyże Poznańskie).


Optional extentions (two-day tour)


Did you have a good rest? Let’s hope you did because Kórnik awaits you! After an exhausting night, feel free to have a gentle walk around the Neogothic Kórnik Castle. Enjoy your stroll and try listening to the poems of Wisława Szymborska, a famous Polish Nobel prize-winning poet born in Kórnik.


The above-mentioned programmes are created on your request and price is set according to the range and standard of the services you choose.

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