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Two-day Trip to Poznań

Combine your match excursion with an excellent two-day trip to Poznań. Get up at the break of the day and embark on the adventure!

Day 1


  • Start your trip at the Main Square. Have a nutritious lunch and get ready for the traditional duel of the Town Hall goats. Spare a moment to admire the Town Hall itself. Can you see the allegories of the Eight Virtues?
  • Have a stroll to the Imperial Castle. Its Neo-Romanesque style will surely take your breath away. A great historical palace just in the middle of the city.
  • Walk a few step further till the Adam Mickiewicz Square and see how different phases of the history interweave in one place. Allow a moment of reflection next to the Monument of the June 56’ Protest Victims, known as the Poznan Crosses (Krzyże Poznańskie).
  • After a good portion of historical information, get ready for the match and a bunch of unforgettable football emotions!

Day 2


Did you have a good rest? Let’s hope you did because Kórnik awaits you! After an exhausting night, feel free to have a gentle walk around the Neogothic Kórnik Castle. Enjoy your stroll and listen to the poems of Wisława Szymborska, a famous Polish Nobel prize-winning poet born in Kórnik.

We DO NOT provide tickets for the football matches.

The above-mentioned programs are created on your request and price is set according to the range and standard of the services you choose.


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