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Two days in Cracow

Staying in Warsaw, but still wanting to discover more of Poland? Have a break between the matches and drop by Cracow for a two-day trip!

Day 1


  • After you arrive to Cracow, start your trip with the Wawel Hill and the Royal Castle. Admire the beautiful Sigismund’s Chapel, an emblem of the Tuscan renaissance. Listen to the tale about Krakus, a Polish prince, who defeated the Wawel Dragon and set the city on the slain dragon’s lair. You can climb down and see the lair yourself!
  • Have a walk till you reach the Old Town. Wander around the Main Market Square and admire the Renaissance Sukiennice, the Cloth Hall, once a major centre of international trade. If you wander long enough, you will hear the famous trumpet signal, Hejnał Mariacki, played from the top of the Saint Mary’s Basilica to commemorate the 13th-century Tatar attack.
  • Do not forget to enter the Saint Mary’s Basilica and see the awe-inspiring wooden altarpiece carved expertly by Veit Stoss.
  • At the end of the day, be ready to visit Kazimierz, a historical district tied closely with the Jewish culture.
  • Have a good rest before the next day!

Day 2


  • Cracow and its outskirts are steeped in history which turns out to be sometimes cruel. Ponder on this historical and historic cruelty when entering the Aushwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Give a thought to the victims of the Holocaust.
  • To change the setting drive to Wieliczka and visit one of the world’s oldest operating salt mines (the oldest one is in Bochnia, Poland too!). You can feel Tolkien and dwarfs atmosphere hanging in the air!
  • You can also choose to follow the steps of a famous Pole – Pope John Paul II. If you wish to see Wadowice and eat delicious kremówki now you have this one-time opportunity!


A whole day on your feet sounds like a good reason to get back to Warsaw and relax before the upcoming football days!

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